„The bitterness of poor quality taste remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.“

Benjamin Franklin (American author, politician, civil activist)

Manual Production

Our hockey sticks are manually produced by our craft masters. Every hockey stick has its own story and its own master, the person who was involved in the production of the hockey stick to the greatest extent and is responsible for its quality. The entire hockey stick production process takes several hours, and its production is very demanding.

Therefore, every hockey stick comes with its own certificate, guaranteeing quality and authenticity.

The certificate is personally confirmed by one of our masters who was in charge of the production of your new hockey stick, including the maximum quality control according to our established procedures and standards.

The personal commitment and love for the craft of our individual masters guarantee you a premium product that will serve you very well and make you as happy as possible.

Masters of their Craft


Martin Svoboda


As the company co-owner, executive, and investor, Martin is mainly responsible for the strategic direction of the whole business, opening up new markets and global business, which keeps growing. He is responsible for the whole company and continues to move it forward.


Martin Henzl

Operations Director

artin was at the birth of ODIN HOCKEY s.r.o. He is a truly experienced person who focuses mainly on the production of blades and, at the same time, on complete work with carbon material. He is responsible for the complete production.


Ladislav Rudolf

Master of Craft

Ladislav is an important member of our company and thanks to his professional approach and manual skills, is an indispensable colleague who focuses on the detail and quality of completed work. Every day his thoughts are focuses on improving our production processes and the results of our work.


Milena Svobodová

Master of Craft

Miluška is mainly responsible at our company for material preparation and also specialises in our top-level production of shafts for all the hockey stick models. Her professionalism enthusiasm are obvious every day, and she cares greatly about the quality of all of our production processes.


Milan Podzimek

Master of Craft

Milan is a very experienced worker who is mainly responsible for our blade production, and he is the top blade production expert. His attention to detail and thorough inspections of all of our products ensure that your hockey sticks will shoot exactly as you expect them to. Every day, Milan assures the maximum possible quality of our hockey sticks.