Stick Curves

The stick curve is very individual. In addition to the most popular curves, we also offer specialities. For the sake of clarity, you will see for every curve not only an overview of the top players who use it, but also the Bauer and CCM equivalents. We consider the hockey stick curves specified in the table the equivalents, but we must stress that they may not be completely identical. However, from our experience we know that players are completely happy with these alternatives.



(left variant)

A very specific curve where the bending in the second half of the blade is more pronounced. A lot of forwards who are technically very proficient and want to have the maximum control of the puck during dekes and draws play with this curve.



(left and right variant)

A very popular curve, with which the top NHL players, such as Drury, Staal, Kovalev, and Grandlund have played or are playing.

Equivalent to P15 at CCM and P91 at Bauer



(left and right variant)

The O16 curve is for every player wishes to have the puck under maximum control and, at the same time, to shoot accurately and hard. With this curve, you will always be able to lift the shot exactly as you wish and expect. Your accurate puck control and coverage in front of your teammates will allow you to win many personal battles.

028 - záhyb hole
028 - záhyb hole


(left and right variant)

One of the most popular curves in the world that is suitable for all the player types and provides them with the maximum control of the puck’s guidance and accurate shooting. For example, Connor McDavid, Eichel, and Giroux play with this curve in the NHL. If you do not know which curve to choose, we recommend this one.

Equivalent to P28 at CCM and Bauer.

029 - záhyb hole
029 - záhyb hole


(left and right variant)

This is another very popular curve on a global scale, and it is widely used by players in all the performance categories. The top players, such as Sidney Crosby, Auston Matthews, and Backstrom play with this curve, and one of the best players in history, Joe Sakic, used to play with it as well.

Equivalent to P29 at CMM and P92 at Bauer

088 - záhyb hole


(left and right variant)

A very popular curve overseas, but it has not been available in the Czech Republic until now. Try out the curve, with which top players like Nathan MacKinnon and Patrick Kane play, and with which Jarome Iginla played in the past.

Equivalent to P40 at CMM and P88 at Bauer